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Hi y'all! My name is Katie, but my friends call me Birdie and I am a proud Pit Bull mommy to four amazing fur-babies: Prince, Cinqué, BabyGirl & Harrod. In 2018, Prince was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and has osteoarthritis. He’s also had a sensitive tummy ever since he was a puppy. Due to Prince's sensitive gut, I started educating myself about the raw diet and how real food can help heal your pet. About two years later we adopted our foster, BabyGirl who was healing from demodex mange. It was around that time when I really discovered the wonders of bone broth. Not only has bone broth helped with Prince’s gut and joint issues, but it has also helped BabyGirl with her skin/coat. Even Cinqué’s coat is super soft.

Just like humans, diet and nutrition is directly linked with your pet’s health. Raw diet, nutrition and food prep have become a passion of mine since I’ve been doing it for my kids for the last two years. I also love cooking and baking as well. One day, while making bone broth for my kids - I thought why not make bone broth for other people’s pet? My recipe has been tried and tested on my kids and they love it. Why not have other pets benefit from my bone broth?



We adopted Cinqué from Atlanta Humane Society and BabyGirl is a “foster fail success” from Dekalb County Animal Services/LifeLine Animal Project. When we got Prince, I became aware of the huge problem we have with backyard breeders and the over population of Pit Bull type dogs in animal shelters not just here in Atlanta, but all across the states. So, at the end of every year - a donation will go to an organization that either rescues and/or helps with spaying/neutering animals and to my local animal shelters. The charities chosen for 2019 are:



“New York Bully Crew is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization that specializes in the rescue and care of Pit Bulls. We work tirelessly every day to rehabilitate and find loving homes for the animals we take under our care. We rescue dogs from all over the county and frequently work with international partners; no animal in dire need of rescue is turned away. NYBC strives to educate and make the public aware of the challenges the breed faces in today’s society. We strongly believe that there are no bad dogs, but rather, just bad owners.”



“The Animal Services Division is managed by LifeLine Animal Project and encompasses all operations at DeKalb County’s animal shelter. LifeLine provides humane care for the animals at the DeKalb shelter, veterinary care including spay/neuters, pet adoptions, animal reclaims, volunteer opportunities, foster opportunities and rescue group coordination. The DeKalb shelter is an open admission shelter with an average intake of 30 new animals each day. We welcome adopters and rescue groups to our facility to support our efforts.”