Delivery Update!

My husband is a DJ/Producer and together, we run our label, “blak-n-yello.” Our first monthly event in Brooklyn, NY starts Saturday, September 14 which means deliveries will be made early morning on Friday, September 13.

After this, our monthly event will occur on the 3rd Saturday, so deliveries will be made on all 3rd Fridays. If this does not work out for you, please let me know so that we can figure out another option that works best for your family.

Thank you for your understanding.

Katie Greiner-Francis
Sparta Imperial Mushrooms

Hey y’all! I’ve found the perfect source for shiitake mushrooms. The company is called Sparta Imperial Mushrooms and they’re located in Sparta, Georgia. All of their mushrooms are grown on hardwood sawdust inoculated with spawn grown on organic rye grain. They are cultivated in climate-controlled greenhouses in a restored building that recently won an award for Historic Preservation from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Katie Greiner-Francis
We're Going Paper!

Hey y’all! In an effort to reduce plastic and just trying to be a better business that cares about the planet - we’re switching to paper! Hopefully these containers will work out great. I’m also excited to announce that 32 oz. containers will also be available! The bigger containers will be perfect for multi-pet households. As soon as the paper containers and bags arrive, we’ll be making the switch!

Benefits of Blueberries
Photo belongs to Planet Paws

Photo belongs to Planet Paws

Rodney Habib wrote for his Planet Paws Facebook page, “Aside from being classified as antiangiogenic aka anti-cancer, blueberries contain a compound called pterostilbene, a derivative of resveratrol. These little blue powerhouses are good antioxidants because they contain phenolics that preferentially react with free radicals. So, offering your furry companion blueberries can help protect them against cancer!”

Always keep in mind, moderation is key. Blueberries are safe for your dogs and cats!

Katie Greiner-Francis
Natural Supplement Options & Foods for Joint Health
Photo belongs to Canine Ascension

Photo belongs to Canine Ascension

When Prince was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2018, I knew I was already doing the best route as far as food by going raw. However, I spent many hours researching natural supplements. Canine Ascension came out with a great post on Facebook about natural supplements and foods for joint health. One supplement that was not included but has done wonders for Prince is CBD oil. I personally, have not tried the last 3 items on the list.

🍗Bone Broth
🐔Poultry Feet
🍥Green Lipped Mussel
🐚Glucosamine & Chondroitin
🐟Fish Oil
🍊Ester C
🌿Rosehip Vital

For more information you can check out the entire post:

Katie Greiner-Francis

On Tuesday, February 5, we adopted Harrod, formerly Curly Neal from the Harlem 4 pack from New York Bully Crew. I don’t think Harrod will get any bigger than what he is now and he might very well be a pocket pitty. He may be small, but his heart is that of a 90 lb. big dog. Prince has finally warmed up to Harrod which is a huge relief - they even share their love for mommy nicely!

Harrod could care less about toys. He loves playing with his brothers and sister. He refuses to go down stairs, but can climb up stairs like a champ. I wish I only had a sliver of his energy - after a long day of playing and running around, he is still like a whirlwind. While Prince and BabyGirl love their sleep and mornings are not their thing - Harrod wakes up ready to tackle the world!

New York Bully Crew is an amazing organization that rescues dogs from all over the country. NYBC is passionate about educating and dismissing myths often labeled with Pit-Bull type dogs. They truly are the voice for the ones who can’t speak. For 2019, I will be making a contribution to NYBC because of Harrod and also because of what they do.

Harrod sitting on top of BabyGirl

Harrod sitting on top of BabyGirl

Katie Greiner-Francis

Welcome, everyone to my website! This has truly been a labor of love - with many, many hours invested. I could not have done this without the help of Nicole at Just Joss & Co. She has taken my concept and managed to bring it to the finish line. Nicole went from upgrading my existing logo, to using her “eye” as a photographer for some of the photo content on my site and to take care of all the technical issues in order to get your website up and running. So yeah, I felt like my very first blog for the site should be a shout-out to Nicole and to welcome everyone!

While I might not be a regular “blogger,” I will post articles regarding pet’s health, diet & nutrition. There might be special announcements here and there as well.

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