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Bone broth is an amazing supplement for cats and dogs. It helps heal the gut, boosts the immune system, supports joint health and will make your pet’s coat super soft and shiny. Bone broth is also great for finicky, sick or dehydrated pets. It’s a great transition to food after a 24-hr fasting or after surgery. It will also enhance your pet’s food.

Did you know that bone broth is excellent for kibble-fed pets? It not only adds much needed moisture to your pet's diet, but it also adds the amino acids that have been depleted due to denaturation during the high-heat processing of making kibble.


My bone broth is gelatinous which means it’s rich with collagen. Collagen is a great source of amino acids like glycine, alanine and proline. Amino acids are essential to your pet’s diet. They are needed to build and repair muscles and other body tissues. I only use organic vegetables to enrich my bone broth with minerals and one of the vegetables is shiitake mushrooms which are considered a medicinal super food. They contain 30 enzymes, 10 amino acids and are high in minerals. Shiitake mushrooms will boost your pet’s immune system and is considered to have anti-cancer effects. They are safe for both cats and dogs.

I use the best selection of bones, carefully selecting parts that are rich in glucosamine. I make every effort to get all organic vegetables locally sourced here in Georgia. My bone broth is slowly cooked for 24-hours and goes immediately into a freezer to ensure freshness. It's been tried and tested on my kids and they love it! I take great pride in my product and make every batch of broth with love. I would love to help your pet on the path to gut health.

made to HEAL YOUR PET’S GUT along with providing joint support and arthritis relief