Natural Supplement Options & Foods for Joint Health

Photo belongs to Canine Ascension

Photo belongs to Canine Ascension

When Prince was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2018, I knew I was already doing the best route as far as food by going raw. However, I spent many hours researching natural supplements. Canine Ascension came out with a great post on Facebook about natural supplements and foods for joint health. One supplement that was not included but has done wonders for Prince is CBD oil. I personally, have not tried the last 3 items on the list.

🍗Bone Broth
🐔Poultry Feet
🍥Green Lipped Mussel
🐚Glucosamine & Chondroitin
🐟Fish Oil
🍊Ester C
🌿Rosehip Vital

For more information you can check out the entire post:

Katie Greiner-Francis