On Tuesday, February 5, we adopted Harrod, formerly Curly Neal from the Harlem 4 pack from New York Bully Crew. I don’t think Harrod will get any bigger than what he is now and he might very well be a pocket pitty. He may be small, but his heart is that of a 90 lb. big dog. Prince has finally warmed up to Harrod which is a huge relief - they even share their love for mommy nicely!

Harrod could care less about toys. He loves playing with his brothers and sister. He refuses to go down stairs, but can climb up stairs like a champ. I wish I only had a sliver of his energy - after a long day of playing and running around, he is still like a whirlwind. While Prince and BabyGirl love their sleep and mornings are not their thing - Harrod wakes up ready to tackle the world!

New York Bully Crew is an amazing organization that rescues dogs from all over the country. NYBC is passionate about educating and dismissing myths often labeled with Pit-Bull type dogs. They truly are the voice for the ones who can’t speak. For 2019, I will be making a contribution to NYBC because of Harrod and also because of what they do.

Harrod sitting on top of BabyGirl

Harrod sitting on top of BabyGirl

Katie Greiner-Francis